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Name: Fey
Nickname: noct, nub[???], Scree, terra/tara (close friends only)
Birthday: June 27
Gender: nb
Sexuality: ace
Height: 5’3” / 160cm
Time zone: Pacific Standard
Time and Date: 4:20pm, 30 August
Average hours of sleep: 4-8 hours
OTP: Raleigh/Mako is the only one that comes to mind… other than that it’s all selfish OC OTPs…
Most used phrase(s): jesus christ (for some reason)
First word that comes to mind: furcoat
Last thing I said to a family member: *pterodactyl screeches*
One place that makes me happy and why: my room, it is the most comforting
How many blankets do I sleep with: 3
Favorite beverage: fizzy fruit drinks and iced coffee *A*
Last movie I watched in a cinema: The Lego Movie
3 things I can’t live without: wifi, my tablet, my laptop (i would lose my job)
Piece of advice for my followers: shed your skin and become a demon so you don’t have to worry about taxes